My story

Twizzle Designs is an idea born from, in an unusual twist, the COVID-19 lockdown. Having some unexpected time off from full time work gave me the breathing space to think about what’s most important in my life.

It turns out, like many others, that family and community are at the top of my list. Add to that, inspiring others in my own quiet way - as well as a passionate desire to make a difference for the environment and the future of our beautiful planet.

As a happy coincidence, I discovered the NEIS course for budding entrepreneurs during this time and something inside me said “go for it”!

So I resigned from my job and discovered the joys – okay, it has had some ups and downs 😊 – of starting my own business.

I also strongly feel that being positive and collectively keeping our hopes high is especially important at this time, as we work together as a community towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Twizzle Designs aims to reflect these values I’ve shared with you, by offering you inspiration, information and positivity! And, of course, some thoughtfully sourced gift ideas and inspired products that reflect my care and concern for our environment.

I welcome you to join me and take a few moments to discover what’s happening here at Twizzle Designs.

And most importantly of all, remember that small actions collectively do make a BIG difference.

Twizzle Designs

With kindest thoughts, 


Twizzle Designs