My story

What do you do when Covid-19 results in you being stood down from your job?

Follow your heart and passion for all things environmental… and start your own business, of course!

Firmly believing in sharing optimism and hope regarding climate issues, and after completing a NEIS course for budding entrepreneurs - I launched my brand new business 3 months later.

As you are probably aware, there are so many big, scary scenarios about climate change ‘out there’ BUT there are also plenty of amazing new solutions being discovered all the time too.

So it’s good to be able to share info about these innovative ideas and answers with you. These are the changes that are going to make a positive impact for our kids and future generations, so I’m always looking for inspiration to share with you - so keep an eye on my fb & Insta pages.

We are committed at Twizzle Designs to offering stress-free shopping when you're busy and need to find genuine eco-friendly gifts quickly and also helping you discover other inspired sustainable-living options, all sourced from local Aussie business. 100% of my wholesale suppliers are Australian small businesses!

Your purchases will be proudly sent to you in lovely, colourful home-compostable post packs, using carbon neutral delivery. Even our stationery is printed sustainably.

As you might guess, we also love to donate towards planting more trees, saving endangered native animals and supporting cleaning up the oceans.

It feels good to be making a difference… do you agree?

Explore your options to live more sustainably and discover what Twizzle Designs has to offer - with stress-free shopping for busy Mums and Dads - and unique eco-friendly gifts for your family and friends.

Twizzle Designs

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Twizzle Designs offers stress-free shopping for eco-friendly gifts and sustainable lifestyle products.