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Isaac the Turtle - 1,000 piece jigsaw

Quick overview... 🔽

Looking for a great way to take some time out to relax? If you've ever tried doing a jigsaw puzzle, you'll know they are an amazing way to forget your problems for a while.

A glass of wine (or a hot chocolate) and a jigsaw are the perfect way to wind down at the end of the day.

⭐ Find the lovely story of how Isaac The Turtle came to be, in the More Info segment below... ⭐

🧩 1,000 pieces - if you like a challenge but not something so difficult that you can't get it finished!

🧩 Made in Queensland - by an Australian owned business.

🧩 Certified Food Safe and eco-friendly

🧩 Finished size: 700mm x 500mm

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⭐ Artist Polly Wilson explains: "I painted these pieces quite early in my Art Journey for my Little Cousin’s, who picked their favourite animal and colour. The originals are proudly hanging in their rooms and their parents have given me so much support and love from the beginning. Bearing the name of my cousins, I have turned them into a puzzle for everyone to enjoy." ⭐

🧩 Stressed from a busy day with the kids or need to chill out after work? A jigsaw puzzle requires focus to build – and offers you a relaxing way to find some quiet relief after a stressful day.

🧩 Looking for a new way to connect with your kids - everyone will enjoy adding pieces and watching the puzzle come together.

🧩 Want to encourage your older kids to escape “screen time” for a while? Puzzles can help keep them occupied in a healthy, positive way.

🧩 An excellent eco-friendly gift for anyone you know that loves puzzles, especially ones with Australian, Nature and Aboriginal Art themes.

🧩 Puzzles make an ideal gift for mature relatives because they are something a bit different - and can help to keep minds and hands active.

🧩 SKILL LEVEL: Medium - designed for the person that likes a challenge, but is not so difficult that it won't get finished! 😊

Finished size: 700mm x 500mm.

Note: Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

*In the very unlikely event of finding a missing puzzle piece, we will arrange for a new piece to sent to you so you can enjoy your complete puzzle.


Eco certification details:

Components used in the manufacture of QPuzzles jigsaws - including puzzle-boards, papers, inks, and glues - are all Certified with one or more of the following certifications:
Green, Eco, Earth friendly, Food Safe and/or Toy Safe certifications.

Proudly manufactured on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Guaranteed to include all the pieces!*

* Find the details in More Info.

Note: All of QPuzzles Aboriginal artworks are digital replications of the original artworks - created here in Australia by Aboriginal artists, QPuzzles has digitally replicated works under a contributors licence agreement so that purchasers of these Jigsaws can be confident of their origin and authenticity. And, at QPuzzles, they believe in supporting of their artists by purchasing the original artworks, or paying agreed commissions to the artist from which these works were created.

Isaac the Turtle. Connect with your family with an Australian jisaw puzzle. Stressed from a busy day, try a jigsaw puzzle. A great way to encourage kids to escape screen time. A great gift for young and old. Unique Australian made QPuzzles are a great eco-gift.
Connect with your family with an Australian jisaw puzzle. Stressed from a busy day, try a jigsaw puzzle. A great gift for kids. Australian made QPuzzles are a great eco-gift.
Isaac the Turtle - 1,000 piece jigsaw