Linni Tasmanian Huon PIne Soap - unique and refreshing

Linii Tasmanian Huon Pine Soap - spoil yourself with this fragrant and unique natural soap

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Filled with the fragrant rainforest scent of the unique Tasmanian Huon Pine tree, this 100% natural Huon Pine bar soap will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. 

  • Contains Pharmaceutical Grade: Olive Oil, Coconut Butter and Shea Butter, Huon Pine Hydrosol and Huon pine. Plus Huon Pine, Cedar, Lemongrass, Sandlewood and Vetiver essential oils.
  • Soft and moisturising on your skin, for feeling good all over
  • Designed to moisturise and lightly exfoliate, it's also great for cleaning hands after gardening or working in the shed.
  • This unique Tasmanian made 100% natural soap would make an ideal and unique gift for someone who 'has everything'. 
  • Made with the Huon Pine's natural active ingredient - from certified sources to ensure that the product is sustainably produced from only fallen timbers on the ground and in rivers. All living Huon Pine trees are protected and are not touched.
  • Support an Australian owned business and a unique product that only occurs in the rainforests of south west Tasmania.

    Fun fact: The name Linii is taken from the last 5 letters of the Huon Pine's botanical name Lagarostrobos Franklinii.

    The amazing Huon Pine is only found in the west and south west rain forests of Tasmania -  order your own unique Huon Pine soap for you or a friend now.