5 Important reasons to buy Australian made - how many do you know?

5 Important reasons to buy Australian made - how many do you know?


Here’s a question to ponder… just how important is it to buy Australian made?




You’ve heard of Aussie small businesses that work hard – sometimes under very trying conditions – and are still making a difference for their family, local community and Australia’s economy.

You may be surprised how many small Aussie businesses donate time and money to good causes. They are often the ones that support our local netball and football teams.

As well as sponsoring your local show, local events and giving a helping hand when their community needs it. So buying locally from an Australian small business benefits your local community all kinds of subtle ways.

When you support Australian made, you’re also helping an Aussie business to employ more Australians. That’s a great thing to be doing!




Here are 5 important reasons why buying Australian made is great for our future:

1.  Less ‘travel miles’  =  less strain on our environment

There’s a lot of talk about ‘travel miles’ for food… But did you know that it also applies to all overseas products.

Do you know how far your item travels by ship or airplane from overseas? And how much fuel is being used?

You may be surprised to know that most cargo ships use heavy fuel oil – a type of waste oil that is cheap – which is, basically, is the left overs after the refining process. 

Cargo ships use roughly 20 - 250 tons of fuel per day – depending on their size, speed and other variables.

As a comparison, a family car in Australia uses an average 11.1 litres of petrol for 100km.



That makes shipping products across the world a pretty scary scenario for our environment!

Although aircraft are much quicker to move freight, they also use large amounts of fuel to move smaller amounts of goods. A plane like the Boeing 747 uses 4 litres per second or approx. or 150,000 litres for a 10 hour flight!

Wow - that's a lot of fuel!

There is an exception – there is always an exception! 😀

Some items aren’t made here - so we can only source them from overseas. Many electronic parts fall into this category.

We encourage you to check if there is an Aussie alternative first, of course.

Within Australia, shorter transport miles lessen our carbon emissions, making it a better choice to buy locally.



Australians are quickly becoming aware of buying sustainable, eco-friendly products – as well as using the circular economy – to help the environment and our planet. We are concerned about the future.

When you buy Australian made you also have Australian environmental guidelines and policies that must be met when manufacturing or growing produce.

For example, a factory in Australia has to comply with emission standards controlled by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) but an overseas factory may not have to meet the same high standards. And sometimes lower standards overseas may also have poor enforcement relating to them.

A another positive of Australian products is that warranties and repairs can be done locally, saving time, and keeping more products from being tossed away and ending up in landfill.

You may have also noticed recently that there are more businesses in Australia using roof top solar to power their premises and manufacturing. How good is that!




Have you heard about Australian B Corp businesses? They are certified as thoroughly sustainable businesses. They also consider the wider economic, cultural, environmental and community impacts of their businesses. Look for them when you are shopping.

Buying Australian made is certainly better for our environment in many ways.



When you buy Australian made, the product you have purchased has been made or grown in an ethical way, and the business has to meet strict Australian safety regulations.

As mentioned above, an overseas factory may not have to meet the same high standards of safety regulations as we have in Australia.



Sometimes lower standards overseas may also be poorly enforced. There may be a lot less transparency about regulations.

Probably everyone has seen disturbing reports of accidents in poorly built factories overseas, on the TV news, and heard about overseas child labour.

Of course, most overseas manufacturers are not in this category but it’s worth being aware of, if you’re purchasing overseas goods, the safety and environmental credentials of the supplier/manufacturer. An Australian importer may be able to provide this information.

So next time you have a choice to either buy local or imported, think about the importance of buying local, particularly in a period where increasing volatility has also been negatively affecting world supply chains and delivery times.

Australia has some of the most stringent safety and other business standards in the world.

As well as safety, under the Australian Consumer Law, when you buy any product or service, it comes with an automatic guarantee that the product will work and do what you asked for.


Luckily for us, we have Australian businesses here that are a great place to shop with confidence.



When a small business or a company in Australia pays its workers, they then will pay tax to the Government (even if they don't like that idea!). This means buying Australian ensures there is more money to spend within our country - paying for schools, hospitals, and all those other public services.

When you support Australian made products, you support our economy at every level. The Mum running a small business, a new startup that is helping the environment, a Mum or Dad looking for work, right through to farmers and corporate jobs. It all helps our economy to hum along. 



Did you know that every direct job in manufacturing leads to approx. 4 jobs in the local economy.

We don’t have car manufacturing any longer, but there are new opportunities coming along all the time.

Supporting Australian made equals supporting our lifestyle and families here in Australia.


5.  GUARANTEES – guaranteed!

 Australian made products come with automatic guarantees that protect you from common product issues and risks.

Under the Australian Consumer Law, when you buy any product or service, they come with an automatic guarantee that they will work and do what you asked for.

In addition to this, many Australian businesses, like Twizzle Designs, also offer further warranties and guarantees on their products.

Did you know that when an item has been made in Australia, you also get a level of traceability for the components, packaging and delivery.

You can choose sustainable products with confidence that the quality will be of a high standard. And if they aren’t, you have a fall back to consumer law or the businesses own guarantee.

Just another reason why buying Australian made is great for Aussies. 😊



And finally… sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference.

The person you are buying from understands the way we think – especially if you have any issues to discuss.

And sizings are right for Australian use, from shoes to hardware and everything in between.

Aussie small businesses tend to have a good heart and support local charities and their communities.

Add to that, we have strict Consumer standards and guarantees to protect buyers.

By supporting local business, you support Australian jobs. Those jobs lead to jobs for our children and grandchildren in the future.

That’s an excellent outcome – I'm sure you'll agree!  💚💛



This blog will be here to re-visit, share and (I hope) inspire for the future.

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