Recycling - info re Packaging and Postage


This Australian company is our supplier of great post packs that are made entirely from plants - cornstarch and cassava. Itā€™s good to know that Hero Packs are both fully recyclable and home compostable.

Firstly, when you open your parcel, cut your post packĀ open carefully just below the seal and you will notice that there is another sealing strip that hasnā€™t yet been used. This means you can actually re-use theĀ post packĀ if you wish to do so and give it a second life.

Then, if theĀ person you send it to has home composting available, let them know that they can also compost the Hero packs, or recycle them. And that the packs will degrade away in home compost in approx. 6 months ā€“ less time than an orange peel!

Or you can also simply compost or recycle the post pack yourself if you prefer not to re-use it.

To compost the post packĀ  at home, itā€™s best to:

  • remove any Australia Post Express labels (they should peel off fairly easily) and dispose of them appropriately.
  • the front label and rear Twizzle Design stickerĀ can be left on the parcel because both are home compostable...
  • thenĀ cut/tear the post pack into smaller pieces, and
  • place in your home compost bin as ā€œbrownā€ materials

Then the post packĀ will completely break down within 90-120 days in a home compostable environment - sometimes even sooner! And the worms in your compost will love them!

No worm farm or compost bin? Maybe a neighbour has one and some councils are now offering to pick up compost as well.

Twizzle Designs uses eco-friendly and fully compostable post satchelsĀ 

Hero bubble wrapĀ post packs (and bubble wrapping): this does take longer to degrade becauseĀ it isĀ 2 layers thick. But this can be overcome by tearing out the ā€˜bubble wrapā€™ internal layer and then proceeding, as the above instructions, with the separated layers.

Hero post packs willĀ still break down in landfill if you put them in the Council rubbish bin. But unfortunately, due to the nature of the landfill process, thisĀ will still add to methane production.Ā 

Note: Hero Packaging products take about 2 years rather than 90-120 days to break down in landfill. In contrast, traditional plastic shipping mailers takeĀ 400 years or more to break down, whilst they are releasing deadly methane gas into the atmosphere.

That's why it's important for us toĀ share this info with you regarding how toĀ compost our packaging. We wanted toĀ let you know just how it's so easy to take full advantage of the environmental benefits.


We use Australian Post to send our packages out to you.

Australia Post commits to the following:

ā€œFrom 30 September 2019, delivery of every parcel sent through Post Offices and MyPost will be recognised as carbon neutral as a result of the purchase of carbon offset credits to match the environmental impact.ā€ This now includes Parcel Post and Express Post satchels.

This means that Australia Post has calculated just how much carbon is used when they process, ship and deliver parcels using trains, planes and trucks. This calculation is verified as part of the National Carbon Offset Standard program. Then to offset the emissions made, and to achieve carbon neutrality, Australia Post buys carbon credits, mostly in Australia, to match the calculated emissions for the deliveries provided to customers.

If you need an Express Post delivery, the delivery by Australia Post is also carbon neutral.

Twizzle Designs will still use the fully compostableĀ post packs from Hero Packaging for Express Post items and the Post Office will add an Express PostĀ tape strip to the pack. Please peel off and dispose of the express post tapeĀ thoughtfully.

Note: Although we won't be using Aust Post's plastic Express post satchels, But it's handy to know that they can now be recycled through the RED recycling system (for soft plastics) at your local supermarket, if need be..Ā