Recycling - info re Packaging and Postage


We currently use Australian Post to send our packages out to you.

Australia Post commits to the following:  (updated from 12 August 2024)

"We reduce emissions through a range of initiatives such as operating the largest electric delivery vehicle fleet in Australia, generating more of our own solar electricity.

While we're proud of what we've achieved through investing in the [carbon neutral] program – including offsetting the emissions of over 200 million parcels – the sustainability landscape has changed.

Today, the best way we can benefit the environment and our customers is by reducing our own carbon footprint rather than buying offsets."

This means that Aust Post no longer support 'carbon neutral deliveries' and will be working to reduce their carbon footprint as above.

We will update you as we receive more information or uste an alternative.



Twizzle Designs is now using a paper 'Express Post' sticker. This can be safely left on the cardboard box if you are composting it.

Peel off if you would like to reuse the box. 


HERO BUBBLE WRAPPING (and bubble wrapping post packs): these do take a little longer to degrade because they are 2 layers thick. But this can be overcome by tearing out the ‘bubble wrap’ internal layer and then proceeding, as the instructions below, with the separated layers.



Twizzle Designs uses eco-friendly and fully compostable post satchels

This Australian company is our supplier of any soft post packs we use and they are made entirely from plants - cornstarch and cassava. It’s good to know that Hero Packs are both fully recyclable and home compostable.

Firstly, when you open your parcel, cut your post pack open carefully just below the seal and you will notice that there is another sealing strip that hasn’t yet been used. This means you can actually re-use the post pack if you wish to do so and give it a second life.

Then, if the person you send it to has home composting available, let them know that they can also compost the Hero packs. And that the packs will degrade away in home compost in approx. 6 months – less time than an orange peel!

Or you can also simply compost or recycle the post pack yourself if you prefer not to re-use it.

To compost the post pack  at home, it’s best to:

  • the front address label and rear Twizzle Design stickers can be left on the parcel because both are home compostable...
  • then cut/tear the post pack into smaller pieces, and
  • place in your home compost bin as “brown” materials

Then the post pack will completely break down within 90-120 days in a home compostable environment/worm farm - sometimes even sooner! And the worms in your compost will love them!

No worm farm or compost bin? Maybe a neighbour has one and some councils are now offering to pick up compost as well.

Hero post packs will still break down in landfill if you put them in the Council rubbish bin. But unfortunately, due to the nature of the landfill process, this will still add to methane production. 

Note: Hero Packaging products take about 2 years rather than 90-120 days to break down in landfill. In contrast, traditional plastic shipping mailers take 400 years or more to break down, whilst they are releasing deadly methane gas into the atmosphere.

That's why it's important for us to share this info with you regarding how to compost our packaging. We wanted to let you know just how it's so easy to take full advantage of the environmental benefits.