Searching for Australian-made, sustainable, eco-friendly gifts for friends and family? 🎀

Sustainable and pretty Furoshiki cloth wrapping for gift wrapping your best gifts. Made in Australia from 100% cotton cloth.

If you've been searching for a sustainable, eco-friendly gift for a friend or family member - you'll know it can be hard work!

Stop rushing around after work when you're already tired and frazzled - to end up even more frustrated when you can't find anything you want!

Do your gift shopping comfortably, from home, and discover the Twizzle Designs eco-gift range - it's Australian-made and sustainable.

Making it easy to find the best, truly eco-friendly, gift for any occasion. Clever you! 🎀

You can surprise someone you love with a delightful present to brighten their special day.

There's even something for that 'hard-to-buy-for' person - you know the one!

Say goodbye to shopping hassles and find your perfect gift! 🎁


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Helping our beautiful bilbies to thrive again....

Introducing a second exclusive Bilby gift from Twizzle Designs!⁠⁠

I hope you're as excited we are with our NEW Bilby Tea Towels.

Thank for your support - we've already sent your first donations to both the @AustralianWildlifeConservancy and the @SaveTheBilbyFund to save our beautiful bilbies and help them thrive into the future.

Here's what our amazing customers have been saying about our delightful Bilby Hankies...

"I love my Bilby hanky"

"I received my beautiful hankies this week. They are very special."

"I gave Bilby Hankies as gifts to two friends, and they loved them."⁠

Remember, $1 from every Bilby Hanky - and now $2 from Bilby Tea Towels - purchased, goes directly to help the bilbies, by supporting the charities above.

You're making an awesome contribution and the bilbies are wiggling their pink ears with joy! A huge thank you! 💗

Click here to support bilbies - and get your Bilby Hanky or Bilby Tea Towel
Easy recycling tips for Australian recycling. Find out how to recycle difficult recycling stuff. Twizzle Designs Guide to easy recycling.

Say goodbye to frustrating recycling - get your FREE Guide 💚

If you keep thinking to yourself "I've got to get rid of that stuff that needs recycling" - keep reading!

You know what we're talking about. Those annoying things that can't go in your Council recycle bin!

We all have them, but we know it's hard to find out where to recycle those pesky things that are hiding in the back of our cupboards.

You'll be relieved to know we have the answers in our Guide to Recycling. It's written to help you get that stuff gone (30 pages of info to help you out!) by an Aussie - for Aussies. 💚

And think of the extra space you'll have for storing your goodies - those precious things that you really do want to keep.

No more guilts about your hard-to-move-on junk problems - grab your FREE Recycling Guide now and get the info you need!!

Click the link below for instant access - problem solved!

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Please note: Don't live in Australia but you would like a copy of the Recycling Guide? Please email us via our Twizzle Designs Contact page - and we'll email a copy directly to you. 😊

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