What is Twizzle Designs doing to help the environment?

Twizzle Designs aims to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible by doing the following:

  • We are offsetting our office carbon emissions with tree planting. And in the future, our business plans to become solar powered through the addition of solar panels, linked to battery storage, on our roof.
  • All Twizzle Design’s products are chosen with care to be as environmentally responsible as possible.
  • We pack with care into Hero Pack postal packs that are made only from plants and are fully compostable and recyclable.
  • We send our parcels with Australia Post, who offset their carbon footprint to be carbon neutral.
  • Little things matter and that’s why our lovely peg bags are made from 100% cotton by a local Aussie business.
  • We proudly support local and Australian businesses wherever possible. Not only does this support Aussie businesses and their families, it also reduces the production of environmentally harmful emissions when items are transported from overseas.
    However, the exception to this is for items that have outstanding value environmentally, are of high quality - for example will last a lifetime - and are not produced in Australia. An example of this are the stainless steel pegs. Due to their quality and longevity, these products are considered to have a low environmental impact and Twizzle Designs therefore supports them.
  • Our stationery is printed on FSC or recycled paper, with water based inks, by a sustainable printing company - so they are easy to recycle.
  • Our stickers are also recyclable (water based inks) and the glue is vegan.

We are continuously working hard to be environmentally responsible and sustainable in our business as well as in our home lives. And we aim to keep tweaking our requirements as we progress - making every effort we can to improve our environmental and sustainability credentials as an important ongoing goal.

We feel it's an amazing privelage to be able to give back to the community, so we donate a percentage of our profits to environmental and sustainability charities and causes, to help make a better world for everyone in the future.

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