I have just placed my order – how long before it will be sent to me?

We aim to have your package carefully packed and sent out in just 2 business days.

Hopefully sooner as we know you’d like to receive it asap!

The standard delivery time for Australia Post is currently estimated to be between 2 and 10 days, depending on the destination. (Please note that Aust Post has informed us that there may be longer delays with ongoing staff shortages in 2023.)

How much is delivery?

We use Australia Post to deliver your products - and the standard Aust Post rates have been discounted by Twizzle Designs to make life a little easier for you. 🥰

Australia Post offset their emissions to ensure the delivery is carbon neutral.

All orders over $65 are automatically rewarded with FREE SHIPPING

Our special discounted standard postage rates, for orders below $65, are based on weight, as follows:

Up to 500g        $8.95

500g - 1kg        $9.95

1kg - 3kg          $9.95

3kg - 5kg          $9.95

Over 5kg          We will use the most cost effective way to save you money.

Is Express Post available?

The short answer is yes, if your need is urgent. 😊

It presents us with a mild ethical challenge as it will mean that a non-recyclable Express Post label will need to be attached to our Hero post pack for the Express Post service – so please peel this label off and dispose of it in your standard rubbish bin - until there is a better alternative.

Then home compost or recycle the remainder of the Hero post pack including the front address label and the Twizzle Designs return address sticker. 

Note: If your Hero mailer has eco-bubble wrap inside, simple detach it from the outside layer before adding all elements to the compost bin. 

Any aircraft emissions are offset by Australia Post to ensure they are carbon neutral.

Express postage rates are also based on total weight and again we discount the rates for you:

Up to 500g        $11.00

500g - 1kg        $13.50

1kg - 3kg          $17.00

3kg - 5kg          $23.00

Over 5kg          We will use the most cost effective way to save you money.

Please note: Australia Post still may have some delays during busy - or Covid affected times - and deliveries may sometimes be delayed longer than expected.

To help out, we ensure that we provide a tracking number to you when your parcel is sent. To make sure you're kept in touch with what is happening - including any possible changes in delivery times.

What payment methods can I use for my purchase?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and ShopPay.

We now also offer AfterPay and ZipPay at the check-out for your convenience.

All payments made on our website are secure and encrypted. Your payment details are not available to us at any time during the transaction - and they are not stored by us in any way.

Please click on the ZipPay for details of an increase in interest rates in 2023.

What happens if I need a refund for a faulty product?

In the unfortunate circumstance that a product turns out to be faulty, Twizzle Designs will work with you, to find the best solution for you. You can find all the details of the required procedure for refunds under warranty at our Refund policy page.

Please Contact Us with your details so we can find an answer for you as quickly as possible and supply a pre-paid return label for the return of the faulty item/s.

Please tell me more about the eco-friendly packaging

We use Hero packaging which is fully home compostable and also comes in great colours! When you open it carefully and re-use the post pack to send something to someone else - pretty good, eh?! There are helpful instructions on the post pack to help you know where to open it.

For some small or larger/heavy items we may use an Australian-made recycled & recyclable cardboard box - it is still home compostable. It can also be-used.

Even the bubble wrap postpack is compostable, but this composts more quickly if you tear the inner bubble sheet away from the outer sheet before composting it or feeding it to the worm farm. Compost worms love Hero packaging and will munch through it quicker than an orange peel! - in about 6 months.

And it's a great feeling when you get to use your compost on the garden!

PS: Our tape is either water based compostable brown tape (for boxes) or water based clear tape if required. Both are compostable.

Will you share my email address with other businesses?

Definitely not! We will never share your details with anyone – unless required by law. For more information, check out our Privacy page here.

Why didn’t I need to pay GST on my purchase?

Currently Twizzle Designs is not registered for GST because we have not yet reached the required threshold for this to happen. So you only pay the retail price at this time, until further notice.  Happy days!  😊

I have a different question that is not covered here – what do I do?

Please contact Customer Care at hello@twizzledesigns.com.au and we will be happy to answer any further questions. (See more details in the section below)

Thank you.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Send us an email to tell us what info you need and Customer Care will get back to you as soon as possible. Be sure to include your order number (if you have one).

Please email us at hello@TwizzleDesigns.com.au

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