Recycling info for our products

Recyling Info for our Products:


The Bilby Tea Towel and Bilby Hanky:  

The Bilby Tea Towel is cotton/linen natural blend - and Bilby Hanky is 100% cotton. Both of these gifts are made to be long lasting. They are printed with a water based pigment ink directly onto fabric which is bonded by heat and pressure to the fibre. So at end of life, our exclusive Bilby items are all natural and can be fully home composted.


Worthy drink bottles:  

Worthy drink bottles are manufactured using left-over sugar cane stalks after sugar processing. The drink bottle, including lid, are home compostable at the end of their life.

Note: The bottle lids can be purchased separately, if one gets lost at any time - or you'd like to use a contrasting colour combo. Just add a note on the check out page when you order.


Tree Haven Lip Balms:

Tree Haven lip balms are sustainably made from locally produced beeswax, organic coconut oil, natural colours and food grade essential oils.

When the aluminium container is empty, it can be re-used creatively to carry a spare pair of earrings, some dental floss, safety pins or vitamin tablets in your pocket or handbag.

Actually, many people are discovering even more clever ideas on how to re-use these in and around their homes as well.

When you no longer have any further use for the aluminium tin, just pop it into your Council recycling bin. 


Kinfolk Pantry Nature Toys

All Kinfolk Pantry products we stock are made from natural products like clean wood shavings and corn. They are compostable in approx. 3-6 months above 1800C (hot composting). 


Furoshiki Gift Wrapping Cloths AND 

Christmas fabric Bon Bons & Christmas Crowns (Seasonal):

These fabric Wrapping Cloths, Christmas Bon Bons & Christmas Crowns are very well made with 100% cotton fabric and should last for many years of circular gift wrapping / bon bon & crown use. Hand wash crowns gently when required. When they do wear out, and no longer have any use even as cleaning  cloths, they can be composted.


Australian bird & animal socks:

With care, your new socks can last for many years. But, when they have finally reached the end of their useful life as socks, please consider re-using as handy car cleaning cloths, sock puppets for the kids, or household polishing clothes.

Recycling avoids further use of non-renewable resources and H&M and Zara fashion outlets currently offer a recycling service for unwanted clothing, any brand and in any condition, at their Australian stores. Items are then either sent to charities to be re-used or recycled into new fabric. Grab a copy of our Twizzle Designs Recycling Guide for other outlets who are now recycling clothing.


 Smyle Earrings:

We hope you enjoy your new earrings for a long time. If you don't need them any longer, at some time in the future, please consider the circular economy and give them to someone who will continue to use and enjoy them. 

The earring hooks are made from high quality stainless steel which can be recycled again, and the earrings are made from upcycled acrylic which can also be recycled again. A nice circular product. 




Sunbutter sunscreen

Only the aluminium tin itself will be left for recycling. The tins are great to re-use for storing small items like small change, hair bands, a spare set of earrings, safety pins so you can find them when you need them(!), flower & other seeds for sharing with friends as well as many other creative ideas!

If you don’t need the tins in the future, and can no longer reuse them or give them to someone else for keeping trinkets or seeds 😊 - they can be recycled through your Council recycle bin. Wrap them into some other foil you are recycling so they are identified during the recycling process (about the size of a tennis ball). This way they won't "slip through the cracks".


 QPuzzles jigsaw puzzles

Being a quality Australian made product, your QPuzzles jigsaw should last many years. 

Please use the circular economy (give to family or friends - or donate to charity)  as the first option, if you wish to move your puzzle on in the future. This way, another family can continue to enjoy it.

Local schools, after hours school care and seniors care homes may also be grateful to receive used jigsaws.

QPuzzles are eco friendly and made of recylable card and they use food grade inks that are designed to compost or can be fully recycled. 


Brevinox colour stainless steel pegs:

The Brevinox colour stainless steel pegs are made to last a lifetime in normal domestic use so, whilst they are fully recyclable, it is unlikely that you will be considering that option. The company that manufacture them suggest they should be handed down to the next generation - they're that good!

You'll find that Brevinox pegs are also handy for many other uses around the home as well, including:

  • Fastening folded packets in the pantry to keep them closed
  • Pegging notes to a noticeboard
  • Use as an emergency bookmark
  • Clipping notes into your favourite planner, or calendar

The locally made, 100% cotton bags the pegs come in, can recycled if necessary when they wear out.

However they are also very useful for storing items around the home:

  • Use as a handy travel bag to pack your socks, shoes, or other items into your suitcase. (Note - not waterproof for toiletries though)
  • Use to store away small items around the home.
  • Use a bag for kids small toys, wooden blocks etc.
  • Another lovely use for the bags is to re-gift to someone else, as they make a lovely gift wrapping alternative.


Linii Huon Pine Products:

The jute* cloth sachet bags - and other brown cardboard recycled packaging - are recyclable and compostable.

The Huon Pine internal sachets are made to be long lasting, for at least 18 months, just add a few drops of water when the fragrance is starting to lessen (after about 4-6 months). If you do need to recycle them at the end of their useful life, the jute and Huon Pine can be composted.

The internal sealed bag in the Carpet Freshener is landfill biodegrable plastic and can be recycled in your Council recycle bin.

The soap box and packaging, with the exception of the plastic 'window' in the front, is recycled and recyclable. When RED recycling returns, the 'window' can be placed there - until then please dispose of thoughtfully.

Please recycle any empty Houn Pine mist glass bottles, plastic spray nozzles and lids - they are all recyclable in your household Council recycling bin.

*Jute is a natural fibre known for its strength.


If you have any further questions, please email us via our Contact Page so we can help out with an answer for you. 🌸