How to find out if your bank is eco friendly - or fossil fuelled!


Got your own coffee keep-cup, shampoo soap and a compost bin?⁠

Surprise! Here's another simple, but powerful, step you can take to help stop climate change! 💚⁠

Have you thought about where the money you save in the bank, have invested in term deposits or your deposit into your everyday account - could make a big difference to our climate? ⁠

You may ask how that could be…

Did you know that many banks are quietly supporting the fossil fuel companies – and not the companies and solutions needed for positive climate outcomes.

Which option do you want – if it’s the one that’s best for your kids and grandkids in the future, and also for mitigating climate change - read on…  Or if you're just curious read on... 😊



We’ve included a link below to a table that easily explains what each bank is doing to help the environment in a positive, pro-active way. And a list of banks who are not supporting the environment.

Right from the start, I want to reassure you that your finances are yours, of course, and we are NOT giving any financial advice.

This blog is simply sharing information on where to find some details that may help you to choose an ethical bank if you wish to.

If you care about sustainability, the environment and helping avoid climate change, you may find it an interesting read. 😊

The choice is always yours and a very personal one.

Now let’s get on with some helpful general information so you can investigate the options for yourself.



It’s quite easy to find out if your bank is ‘clean and green’ - or not.



Start by checking if your bank is a BCorp accredited bank. Because BCorp banks have to meet high standards for sustainability and more,  

BCorp also aims to hold businesses accountable in many areas. Not just their impact on the environment, but also how they treat their employees and whether or not they give back to the community too.

Note, in Dec. 2023, there were only 8 financial institutions (banks, credit unions, etc) with BCorp approval in Australia.

Market Forces publish a comprehensive list of banking institutions – see which banks are still supporting fossil fuels and which ones are environmentally friendly banks.





Animals Australia provide a table that lists a smaller number of banks, so you can check if they have a Public Animal Welfare Policy.  This is also a strong and important consideration for many people and, although it is not a large list, it may be helpful for you.

You can view banks that don’t harm animals here:



It’s interesting to explore what sustainable endeavours are made by eco conscious banks. Here’s just some of the way that eco-friendly banks may invest your money.



Growing forests and saving important habitat

Supporting our Australian wildlife

Cleaning up waterways and the ocean

Recycling initiatives

Renewable energy projects

Grants to eco-friendly organisations, to fund community projects

plus much more...




Finally, remember that most banks are keen for new business so, if you decide to change to eco-friendly banking, use this to your advantage to negotiate a good deal at the same time.


A couple other things that make a difference for our environment are:

✅  Choosing paperless banking also contributes to less trees being cut down for paper. Have you changed to electronic statements yet?

✅  Look for the new plant based credit cards made of PolyLactic Acid (PLA) which is created from fermented plant starches like cassava, corn, or sugar cane. 🌿

⁠⁠Did you know that over 17 million credit cards are issued by banks every year? 😮⁠ That's not good news.⁠ You can talk to your bank and let them know that there is now an alternative to plastic for credit cards!

Please share this blog with everyone you know that cares for our environment and our Planet. Thank you.

The more awareness, the more positive actions can be taken to improve our future.

Thanks. 🌳



Your money is yours, of course - and the decisions and choices you make about it - are yours alone.

We understand and respect that everyone has different ways of looking after their money.

So, we’ll leave it up to you to explore the options. 😊⁠



And just in case you wanted to ask, Twizzle Designs banks with a BCorp bank that does not support any fossil fuels – because we personally feel it’s an important choice for our future as well. ⁠

This blog will be here to share, re-visit, and (I hope) inspire for the future.

And if you enjoyed this blog, please help us to share it - by letting a friend know about our Twizzle Designs Earth-friendly blog.


Twizzle Designs stocks truly sustainable, Australian made, eco-friendly gifts for your friends and family, for all occasions. 🎀

We also donate to: 

💚 Planting trees 

💚 Supporting conservation of Australian native wildlife, and 

💚 Helping to save our planet by donating to environmentally aware charities.

Because these are the things that are close to our heart. 😊


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