19 surprisingly different gift ideas that will delight your Mum for Mother’s Day

19 surprisingly different gift ideas that will delight your Mum for Mother’s Day

Are stretched for time and need some inspiration about what to give Mum for Mother's Day?

If you’re feeling a bit frustrated or unsure about which gift you could give your Mum, we’d love to help with these 19 surprisingly different gift ideas.

Yes, there’s still time to duck out and get a voucher, or gift, inspired by this list – and surprise your Mum. Or if you have a young family - why not use this list to help your kids surprise their Mum.

Firstly, a quick disclaimer - this post is not full of products from our website. We wanted to share ideas that are a little different, surprising, or are fun experiences – to delight Mums of all ages.

I hope that there is a gift idea here to inspire you – even if you’re busy like I am and always stretched for time!

So, be adventurous - forget the slippers and hand cream this year – and try something different!

Let’s get started...


EXPERIENCES – fun things Mum may love to do… 

You might like to try one of these… a Voucher can be purchased for most of these experiences, making life easy all ‘round.

⭐  Movie vouchers – now that we’re happily back to enjoying the movies, a voucher may be just the thing to get your Mum. New movies are being released regularly.⁠

⭐  How about a forest bathing walk⁠. This is a restful, guided immersive walk through a local forest, to drink in the fresh air and peacefulness. Ideal for the frazzled Mum. 

⭐  Does your Mum have a favourite band she’d like to see? Book a ticket (or two) and send her off to enjoy.

⭐  If she lives close enough to a zoo where you can "pat a giraffe”, sleep beside a lion (okay, there is some strong glass in between!) or cuddle a koala – what an amazing surprise gift that could be for her!

⭐  Buy a good book that she’s been eyeing off recently – so she can enjoy some ‘relax’ time reading it at her leisure.

⭐  And of course, eco-friendly wine, or chocolates, are wonderful gifts where every sip, or morsel, can be enjoyed. 



🎀  Pack and deliver a hamper full of picnic goodies to your Mum and take her to a nice park or reserve to share and enjoy family time together.

🎀  Take your Mum to High Tea (bookings may be getting a little tight though) or, if it’s her style, buy her some Australian tea and a nice teapot so she can enjoy ongoing delightful afternoon teas.

🎀  Kids can make home made biscuits and pack them into a nice re-usable round tin with a lovely picture or design on it. Add a handwritten card – and include “Made with Love” on the card.

🎀  A personalised, or hand crafted, coffee mug will be remembered each time it’s used over many years. (Support Australian-made if possible.)

🎀  Give a voucher for a cooking class - does Mum love Asian or French cuisine - or is she curious about Bush Food? Maybe, she'd just love to attend a chocolate appreciation event.



🎉  Depending on where your Mum lives she may enjoy a llama or alpaca walk, a camel ride, or a horse trek.

🎉  If your Mum likes the coast, a swim with the dolphins may be just the thing she'd like to experience. Or a voucher for whale watching for when they arrive, in a month or two.



 🏃‍♀️  Do you have a fit and energetic Mum? Maybe a rock-climbing voucher would be an ideal gift.

🏃‍♀️  Has Mum been longingly talking about that Zumba, Line Dancing or Tap class held locally. Why not give her a voucher for a couple of dance lessons to get things started.

🏃‍♀️  Make her smile with tickets to see her favourite sport – tennis, footy, golf, rugby, or motor sports. Whatever she loves...



🌼   Most gardeners I know will always be happy to receive plants. Don’t know what she likes? Buy a voucher so she can choose her favourites – because every gardener will tell you that the best part is shopping to find your fave plants! 😊

🌼  Remember, a bunch of flowers will fill her heart with love – but a living plant for her garden can keep giving her joy for many years ahead. And keep the bees in her garden very happy!

🌼  Gather up some herb seedlings, a pretty pair of gardening gloves and a flower pot. Arrange nicely and add a ribbon to finish it off. It's a fun project – a perfect gift if your Mum is a more recent convert to gardening.

Kids can also paint the pot to make it a very special and personal gift for their Mum. 



I hope we've inspired you with all these different experiences. And we’re happy to say that – with a little thought - they can all be organised to be 'plastic free' and Earth-friendly. 🥰

Enjoyed this blog? Please feel welcome to share with your friends (who just might be in need of some last-minute gift ideas for their Mother's Day gift this year).


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